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Training All Levels

Basic - Advanced Training For The L.I.F.E. Professional Biofeedback System

In addition to the hours of video training the company provides upon each purchase; we offer free advanced training that is ONE on ONE so you can have the full attention you need to jump start your business. Learn how to navigate and operate the The L.I.F.E. Professional Biofeedback System in the comfort of your own home and at your own speed. You will experience no pressure and plenty of time to learn to utilize this amazing biofeedback transformational technology through simple online learning, and then take advantage of the additional free private training we provide for you.


As a 16-year seasoned practitioner and educator of the L.I.F.E. System, I am  committed to providing the best training and support for you, quickly after your purchase, so you can jump-start your career or new work and meet your personal needs right away. I also have a strong background with  over 25 years experience in classic biofeedback, website design and marketing to help you on your way to success!

Our Basic Navigational Training is free for 6 hours of education online and comes with your purchase from the first day, to get you started with your new Biofeedback equipment right out of the box. After that I will provide an additional 3 hours of FREE advanced one on one training related to your area of work, that is your choice. Together, we will put together exactly where you want to focus.  You will receive a Certificate as a Professional Biofeedback Practitioner after your training from us.

Life Biofeedback System Technology

Advanced Training 

Advanced Training is available after you have done the online training that you can work through over a weekend or take your time to work through it at your leisure. I have taught advanced training based on your requests, type of use, and where you feel you need the most help, and is entirely based on your needs, your business, marketing plans and what you feel is important for you in advancing your training. 

To discuss your options and to book an appointment for further training, please contact us at 303-895-7929. 


What is Biofeedback and Neurofeedback?

What is Neurofeedback? Neurofeedback is a computer-aided brain entrainment method, invented by Dr. Joe Kamiya, based on biofeedback, that can improve the brain’s ability to self-regulate, maintain harmonic flexibility, and smoothly shift between states of relaxation and excitement. Since the brain also controls emotional regulation, attention regulation, and affect regulation, brain/body training in this way can ultimately allow the entire central nervous system to resume normal, relaxed functioning, by relieving the debilitating effects of negative stressors.  

Transformational Technologies: I began my education in biofeedback many years ago as an intern with my mentor, biofeedback and human energy systems expert, Dr. Jack Schwartz, who was an early pioneer in transformational technologies, inventing his own biofeedback brainwave technology called the I.S.I.S. Through Dr. Schwartz, I also had the good fortune to meet and study with Dr. Joe Kamiya, who is known to be the "Father of Neurofeedback". 


Neurofeedback has been around over 50 years now, thanks to Dr. Kamiya’s early research on Alpha/Theta Neurofeedback, when he established a clinical use for this form of advanced technology. Out of Dr. Kamiya's work, researchers were able to show how Alpha/Theta Neurofeedback was effective in helping with a wide range of health conditions such as autism, addiction, ADD, anxiety, stress release and calming the brain. Neurofeedback is just now becoming more popular, thanks to advanced transformational technologies, like the L.I.F.E. Professional Biofeedback System.

Stress and Trauma

The body and brain hold memories of stress that can form chronic patterns of pain and a fractured mental and emotional system that can impact many areas of one’s life. Neurofeedback can gently help your body self-heal and regulate from the impact of these stressors in life.

Neurofeedback used within the L.I.F.E. Professional Biofeedback System can gently provide support even for the memory patterns of a traumatized brain and body and restore the lives of many individuals who are impacted by stress and chronic anxiety. Using Neurofeedback alone or in conjunction with psychological therapy and medical treatment can support the release of negative stressors and can help facilitate the rapid repair of deep trauma.


There are exciting new developments in Neurofeedback through the L.I.F.E. Professional Biofeedback System, that can provide both real time or virtual support in most parts of the world, to help individuals release stressors  on all levels in the brain, emotional, mental and nervous systems.


“Jennifer helped me use it right after I purchased The L.I.F.E. System and she went to great lengths to make sure I was trained in the basics so I could practice before I took the advanced training. She helped me understand simple short cuts to using it right away. This system and the entire process of owning one has been the easiest purchase!” L. A.


“This L.I.F.E. Pro Biofeedback program is amazing and has helped me to understand and assist with many health issues for myself and my family. It has also helped me to transition from my business into the health practice I have been trying to establish for many years.” S. P. 

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